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Valle Nevado is a ski resort located on the El Plomo foothills in the Andes Mountains, at 46 km to the east of Santiago. This ski resort has one of the largest ski areas in South America and is considered one of the most modern in the continent. What are you waiting for to go?

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One of the things you CAN’T miss once you are in Chile, is to go to the Andes! You decide – spend the day there or better: skiing or snowboarding! The tour costs 73.000 pesos and it’s included transportation, the ticket to the ski centre and the equipment. If you have never skied, you can take classes before – also included*! Ask at the reception for more info! 🙂


Enjoy skiing or snowboarding in the 3 most important centers of South America: El Colorado, La Parva and Valle Nevado


Where? Andes – you can choose between La Parva, Colorado and Valle Nevado

When? If you are in a group of four, everyday! If you don’t, ask for availability

What time? From 7h30 ’til 19h30

How much? 73.000 CLP per person

Included? Ticket | equipment | transfer | classes * only in La Parva

Excluded? Waterproof clothing (3 pieces for 12.000 CLP) | Tips

We recommend to take with you: Lunch box | Extra clothing | Sunblock | Sunglasses | Water | Lip moisturizer


Valle Nevado

This is a tour especially designed for those wishing to explore the stunning Andes and want to enjoy the beautiful scenery, but do not necessarily want to do sports. The tour takes you through an impressive mountain road to Farellones, the first ski resort in Chile, and then to Valle Nevado (located 46 km from Santiago), the most important ski center in Latin America!

When? Daily, full day

What time? Between 7h30AM and 18h3opm

How much? 26.000 CLP p/p


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