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Ibiza Club!!! Party this Thursday

Hostal Providencia recomends you & incredible party this Thursday very near the hostel.  Showing the flyer of the hostel it´s for free!!! Ask in reception for more details. Jelly shots for free for people that arrive before 24hrs.

Where: Bombero Nuñez 354  (between Santa Filomena & Dominica)

Miercoles Po!

It’s Wednesday again, and you know what that means….. Fiesta Miercoles Po is back and better than ever! This week, a ‘Hot Latin Party’ at Local Rockola, in Bellavista- A definite Hotspot recommended by Hostel Providencia.

You know the drill, 5.000 cover, 3.500 for foreigners with ID and women of the world enter FREE

BBQ in San Cristobal

Only 10 min. walking from Hostel Providencia you can visit Cerro San Cristobal. Yes our friends of are organizing a chilean bbq for only 6 lucas (6 chilean pesos). If you want to participate please tell us in reception to help you out.

How to participate? ask in recpection of Hostal Providencia to send & email or call.
Where? Cerro San Cristobal…perfect place for bbq´s

St Patrick’s Day at Flannery’s

Hostel Providencia recommends:

St Patrick’s Day

From the 17th to the 20th of March, celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at Santiago’s very own Irish pub, Flannery’s, located at Encomenderos 83, Metro Tobalaba


Entrances: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday $7.000

                Thursday $5.000


Breaking news: Hostal Providencia has no damages

Hostal Providencia in Santiago is working as normal, our property has been checked by: . In Santiago all bars, restaurants, transport and tours are working properly. If you want help chileans you can visit:

santiago hostels

For any further doubts please contact us at: [email protected]

Bienvenida Programa TeachingChile!!!

Hostal Providencia would like to extend a warm welcome to the group of  teachers from the TeachingChile program joining us within the next few weeks. We hope they enjoy their stay here at Hostal Providencia, where our personality, comfort, location, and charm could surely banish any doubt that Santiago is one of the greatest cities anyone could ever visit.

We will be arranging a wide variety of tours, activities, and events with some partner tour companies and guides- even hosting some ourselves (you haven’t lived until you join us in a Hostal Providencia ‘Asado’). The local flavors we supply will surely satisfy!