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The story begins in 1994: Gastón Acurio and Astrid Gutsche, newcomers to study cooking in Paris, found the restaurant in a small house in Miraflores. At first, very French, according to the world trend. Then, over the years, decidedly Peruvians; Willing to revalue inputs and recipes, and with the clear objective of promoting Peruvian gastronomy in the world.

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Astrid y Gaston


Casaluz was born with the intention of creating a warm, welcoming and beautiful space. A magical place, where the small details acquire great protagonism. We are looking for every person to feel comfortable and welcome in our house, sharing a tasty cuisine that experiences both flavors and distant preparations, travel product and different experiences of the chef, as well as local, simple and familiar flavors of our land.

Av Italia 805, Barrio Italia, Providencia
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Casa Luz

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1984, it all began when Eladio Mondiglio, a lifetime butcher, thought about how to give way to the cuts of meats that were the least sold. So, one fine day, Driving his vehicle on Pío Nono Street next to Cerro San Cristobal, he saw a piece of land in a large house that read “Se Arrienda”. The rest is the well-known story of a Bellavista classic.

Pío Nono 251, Providencia
Nueva Providencia 2250, Piso 5, Providencia
Av. Ossa 2234, La Reina

Fuente: Eladio 


To visit Ciudad Vieja is to cross the threshold of the kitchen of yesteryear where the smells wrap, where the flavors recall experiences, where the warmth makes you stay and want to return. And it is the simplest ingredients that deliver with their modesty, the pleasures of an unbeatable meal.

Constitución 92, Providencia
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Ciudad Vieja

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Ciudadano is a new, modern and informal alternative to enjoy traditional Italian cuisine with touches from other lands, where you will find a variety of preparations that are constantly renewed.

Avda Seminario 400, Providencia

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Farm-fresh items and foraged finds are the staples here in a quiet corner of Ñuñoa. It’s been a locals’ favourite for some time – for its bountiful brunches and secret dinner parties – but chefs Néstor Ayala and Patricio Pichuante recently opened Silvestre Bistro in the evenings for unpretentious auteur Chilean dinners that change nightly.

Caupolicán 511, Ñuñoa
Source: Silvestre Bistro


Las Tejas was founded in 1942 by Leoncio del Canto and his family in a colonial mansion on Calle Nataniel, whose red tile features gave the name to this classic meeting point of the San Diego neighborhood.

San Diego 236, Santiago

Source: Turismo Santiago


In June 2014 Ruca Bar is born, a gourmet tap bar specialized in gin, with a focus on customer service and the quality of its products. Three years later, in May of 2017, along with the incorporation of a prestigious Irish chef to this society, Bao Bar by Ruca is born, a new proposal of the group with the same essence, but with many surprises.

Condel 868, Providencia
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The story of “El Panzón de Bustamante” begins in July 2004. It is born of a family conversation and the fondness of the father of this family to the good and forceful Sánguches. Once the decision is made, the name is resolved in honor of the fourth of its children, who inherited the same devotion.

Av. Ossa 772, Ñuñoa
Avenida General Bustamante #650, Ñuñoa
Tobalaba #119, Providencia


What began as a clandestine club became one of the most sought after by the music lovers of Santiago. That´s why the Clan is like a sound lab with a small dance floor, but always is full of stylish people.

Bombero Núñez 363,  Bellavista.

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Every time we think of style we come to mind great designers, famous models and personalities from the world of show that are the referents of international fashion and inspire us an aesthetic concept worthy of imitation. In Bandera street you will find all this and for the most fair price! Come and visit Bandera Street and its colorful shops.



The history of this Restaurant goes back to 1945, in those years, the city had its urban limits in the Canal San Carlos and it is precisely here, that a small Fountain of Soda is born, that little by little it was becoming an icon of the neighborhood, arriving in the decade of the 60 to be the meeting place of the young people.

Hernando de Aguirre 47, Providencia

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As soon as you enter PadThai our room welcomes you making you feel on the other side of the world. The decor, the ambiance, the aromas and the plants, everything transports you to Thailand and captures your senses so that you enjoy a different experience.

Manuel Montt 231, Providencia, Santiago

Source: Padthai


Rubaiyat Chile is a gastronomic offer of quality, based on the concept “from the Hacienda to the plate” and probed in Brazil with Figueira Rubaiyat, Rubaiyat Alameda Santos, Rubaiyat Faria Lima and Rubaiyat Brasilia, in Argentina with “Cabaña las Lilas” and in Spain with Rubaiyat Madrid, with the authentics flavours of the Spanish and Brazilian traditions.

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Source: Rubaiyat


The Palacio Cousiño remains the most magnificent of the historic palaces, the one that dazzled Santiago’s high society by the sheer scale of its luxury and opulence. It was built between 1870 and 1878 for Doña Isidora Goyenechea, the widow of Luis Cousiño, who had amassed a fortune with his coal and silver mines.

Dieciocho Nº 438, Santiago

Source: Palacio Cousiño


Pinpilinpausha, which means “butterfly” in Basque, was founded in 1940 by the Sanz-Raab family, gastronomic entrepreneurs from Spain. Located for more than 50 years in Santiago Centro, the restaurant received intellectuals of the time, poets, friends, business people and families who came to celebrate the pleasures of good food.

Isidora Goyenechea 2900, Las Condes


This traditional restaurant opened its doors in 1947, when the current route 5 South had just been paved. The origin of its peculiar name is due to the idea of its founder, Mrs. Ana Miranda Carreño, of baptizing to the restaurant, with the nickname that had its husband. Definitely one of the classics of Chilean food.

Juan y Medio


Young, talented and experienced in restaurants as outstanding as Noma and Celler de Can Roca, in Denmark and Spain respectively. Such are the chefs behind the 99 Restaurant, the gastronomic premiere of Providencia, where with a few seasonal ingredients and techniques of haute cuisine offer a creative menu, which respects each product in its entirety.

Andrés de Fuenzalida 99, Providencia
Source: Nirvino


What makes it special? Spanish chef Sergio Barroso is part of a new wave of chefs in Chile who take inspiration from around the world while mining the country’s own rich culinary history. His sleek restaurant in a boutique hotel serves up a succession of inventive, technically accomplished dishes that are strongly influenced by molecular gastronomy.

Antonia López de Bello 40, Recoleta
Source: 040


The largest penguin colonies in southern Chile, Los Pingüinos Natural Monument is home to more than 120,000 Magellanic penguins. Located on the small Magdalena Island, just one square kilometer and topped by a pretty red lighthouse, it lies 35km (22 miles) northeast of Punta Arenas.

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