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Hostal Providencia Hostal Providencia


  • Climbing the Aconcagua

    We found a great place for you to contact if you’re into mountaineering and climbing Aconcagua: Aconcagua Expeditions.

    They are located at the foot of Aconcagua mountain  in Mendoza, Argentina, and provide guided climbing and trekking expeditions to Aconcagua with the complete logistic services to Aconcagua Mountain Expeditions (equipment, mules, porters, etc.).

    One of the most important things to keep in mind is the equipment list. Follow this last link to get the information because this is crucial for climbing Aconcagua and being safe.

    Full contact information:

    • E-mail: [email protected]
    • Fix Phone: (+54-261) 425-1983
    • Cell Phone: (+54-9-261) 618-1000



    An innovative and charming at the same time is the proposal of Culto Bar, who makes ode to cult bands which can be enjoyed through its audiovisual scene. Beyond its unique style, it has a variety of drinks and meals that can be enjoyed in the company of family and friends. Culto Bar is located at Lastarria neighborhood, very close from us. For more information on its menu we invite you to visit their website.

    culto bar

    Estados Unidos St #246
    Lastarria, Santiago


    Solera House is the first Hostel Adventure in Quito, where the Ecuadorian culture in all its facets (gastronomic, cultural, musical, pictorial) merges with travelers whom arrive in Ecuador, moving them to live in a local dimension. They are a large colonial hostel, which spread joy and charm with its many colorful spaces, comfortable rooms and minute details that will make your stay an unique and incomparable moment.

    solera house

    More info: Solera House Adventure Hostel


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    Sep 2016
    - 19h -

    Chilean artist Javiera Mena set a live concert to celebrate its 10 years of musical career. The evening will take place at Teatro Caupolicán, on Sunday September 4, at 7pm. Javiera Mena decided to do a show in family schedule, to open the call for audiences of all ages. The show will review his records “Esquemas Juveniles”, “Mena”, “Primeras Composiciones” and “Otra Era”, including addressing songs that have not previously been offered live. Ticket sales started on June 1, through Ticketek system, with values in court presale 8.000 court, 6.000 stalls and stage with overall value of 20.000 chilean pesos.

    javiera mena

    Caupolicán Theatre
    San Diego #850

    Buy your tickets here!


    Nov 2016

    This is the beggining of the end… the last tour of the biggest metal band of all time! Black Sabbath say goodbye to their fans in a huge concert on 19th november at National Stadium and you must be there.

    black sabbath